Welcome and thank you for visiting the St. John’s Military School academic center. Whether you are a parent who has already made a commitment to give your son a quality education, or a visitor who is currently evaluating our school, you will find our academic offerings to be superior to most other institutions. We are a school built on tradition, instilling leadership and small-school values in every student. Our school is accredited by AdvancED. SJMS is small by design, which helps to ensure that faculty and students create a one-on-one relationship which greatly enhances the opportunity to teach and to learn. This environment allows our faculty to know and become familiar with every cadet. Additionally, each student is assigned a faculty advisor for ongoing advice and consultation. Throughout the year, members of the faculty meet regularly with each other to discuss individual cadets, their progress, and identify areas where additional help may be needed. Many times, a committee of the faculty will meet with individual cadets to discuss their progress and make recommendations that will assist in their academic achievement. This tailored approach is of great benefit to the cadet’s academic success. As you browse through our academic center, please contact us by phone or email to answer any questions or concerns you have. We pledge our best efforts to ensure that your son’s experience in the academic environment will benefit him in future years.

– Mrs. Ginger Wooten, Academic Dean

St. John’s Academics

The major focus and objective of St. John’s Military School is to provide a quality educational experience to young men that come to St. John’s from diverse backgrounds and possess different intellectual capabilities. It is extremely important to note that in the history of St. John’s, spanning over 125 years, cadets consistently earn test scores that are superior to the national average as well as Kansas and surrounding states. Cadets at St. John’s live in a more structured and disciplined environment as compared to public and other private schools. As a result, this environment allows St. Johns’ licensed educators to play a greater role in teaching and guiding the cadet’s academic growth. Additionally, each cadet is assigned an academic advisor who will meet periodically with the cadet to review his progress and determine if additional steps are necessary to enhance his performance.

Academic Highlights