Academics-technology-01 It is important that all educational institutions provide the latest technology tools to its students.  St. John’s Military School is very proud of the technology capability in the academic classroom as well as the technology access available throughout the campus. Students are provided technology course offerings in Computer Applications, Photography, English courses, Art courses and Industrial Arts courses. Each classroom in the Vanier Academic Center is equipped with a ceiling mounted LCD projector. Many classrooms have access to Smartboards, InterWrite Tablets, Remote-Controlled Computer applications, and wireless devices. St. John’s has one classroom computer lab, a computer lab in the Remy Leland Clem Library, a computer-equipped art studio, an industrial arts lab, and a 14-machine mobile lab that teachers can move to their classroom. St. John’s utilizes an active technology committee who examines and makes recommendations regarding the technological resources of the school and decides where improvements can be made for future generations of students.