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  • Boys Military School Cadets Lifting a Tire
    Advanced Military Skills - Raiders
    A developmentally appropriate physical education program empowers cadets to make wise choices, meet challenges, and exhibit positive behaviors in a lifelong fitness and movement activity.
  • Box of Medals on Table
    Boy Scouts of America
    St. John’s Military School boasts one of the very first Boy Scout Troops in the nation. The BSA program at SJMS focuses on citizenship as it relates to community, our nation and the world.
  • St. John's Military School Choir
    Chapel Choir
    The Chapel Choir leads the music in the community worship services. They inspire and encourage the congregation through worship services. Membership is voluntary, and their service is rewarded by a ribbon and chord to wear on their uniform.
  • Civil Air Patrol Plane
    Civil Air Patrol
    CAP Cadets receive training in Air Force Leadership, Aerospace Education, Character Development, and Emergency Services. They may also earn the opportunity for activity, flight and college scholarships. More than 10% of the Air Force Academy Cadets get their start as Civil Air Patrol Cadets.
  • Boys Military School Cadets Running in Meet
    Cross Country
    The Cross Country team gives Cadets an introduction to healthy, mature running by teaching runners about economy of motion, the biomechanics of proper technique (proper strike pattern, stride angle, etc.), nutrition, and racing strategy.
  • Hands on Steering Wheel
    Drivers Education
    St. John’s is working with Horizon’s Driving Academy to offer a certified drivers education program to our cadets.
  • Boys Military School Cadet Playing Golf
    The coaching philosophy is to practice to become better players while focusing on golf etiquette and knowledge of golf rules.
  • Close Up of Boys Military School Cadet at Rifle Practice
    High School Rifle Team
    The rifle range in the basement of the Steven’s Center utilizes twelve firing points and is considered to be a world class facility. Team members practice self control of holding as perfectly still while controlling their breathing, requiring much self discipline and dedication.
  • Boys Military School Cadets Playing Basketball
    Military Basketball
    SJMS cadets can participate in a 20 game basketball season. It teaches teamwork and brotherhood.
  • St. Jon's Military School Football Players in Huddle
    Military School Football
    We offer 8-man military school football, and we compete with other private and public schools in the area. Our goal is to teach skills that help a student athlete learn how to win in football and in life.
  • Boys Military School Cadets Wrestling
    Military School Wrestling
    Wrestling is a sport that lets the individual prove his worth by carrying his own weight as it is classified as both a team sport and an individual sport. There is a great deal of camaraderie developed as the wrestlers help each other to become better athletes.
  • Military School Cadets Marching Band
    Music & Band
    The music program, under the direction of Wendy Stein, gives Cadets the opportunity to participate in a variety of musical ensembles.
  • Boys Military School Robotics Team
    Students gain valuable real-world science and engineering skills, while also developing leadership and communication skills working together on projects.
  • Boys Military School Cadet Playing Tennis
    School Tennis
    The season begins with athletes working through conditioning exercises and undergoing a refresher course on the basics for singles and doubles play.
  • Boys Military School Cadet Doing Squats with Heavy Weights
    School weight training
    The school weight training program is open to all Cadets and offers both strength and fitness training, supervised by our experienced weight instructors.
  • Close Up of Boys Military School Cadet About to Throw Soccer Ball
    Soccer is a successful sport at St. John’s with enthusiastic support from the corps. In order to promote a cohesive, well-developed team, it is very important that prospective soccer players attend the SJMS Training Camp.