At St. John’s, we take great pride being one of the top academic Military Schools. Each Cadet is assigned a faculty advisor and a military advisor. These advisors are responsible for monitoring the student’s academic progress and personal development, as well as supporting morale. Faculty advisors have daily contact with the Cadets during study hall and communicate with parents on a regular basis by phone and email.

Advisors assist in answering questions, listening to concerns, helping students understand and conform to the guidelines of the school.  Advisors are available for parents to ask questions, voice concerns, and help to distribute information that can assist the school in the care and well-being of their Cadet.

Advisors will periodically contact parents to discuss the progress of their son and to identify issues that may require attention.  When appropriate, the Cadet will be involved in such conversations.  Parents are encouraged to contact their Cadet’s advisor with any questions or concerns. Each student’s advisor is also his sixth period teacher. This type of commitment to excellence is one of the reasons St. John’s Military School is voted as one of the best private schools in America.