St. Johns Military School has over 1,000 graduates who’s lives change daily. St. John’s would like to stay informed on what the Old Boys have going on in their lives; whether it be a new child, marriage, big promotion at work, and all other aspects of life. We would also like to start putting more alumni stories by ways of the Guidon or the Skirmisher so that Old Boys can stay up to date on what their fellow brothers are up to. This would be an impossible task for one person to do so we are going to start this new concept to help the Alumni Coordinator stay up to date.

The purpose of a Class President is to take the lead in reconnecting and reuniting his classmates. This person will be responsible for checking in with the Alumni Coordinator once or twice a year on what fellow classmates of his are up to. This is a volunteer position to assist the Alumni Coordinator in keeping up to date on the lives of SJMS Old Boys. Those who volunteer to be their Class President will be recognized at commencement for their immense time donation to the school.

If your class currently does not have a CP, and you wish to take this leadership role in reconnecting and reuniting your class please email Roy Lawrence You can also call at 785-823-7231 ex 7759 if you have any questions or wish to volunteer.