Ian Sitarik Recalls Life at St. John’s and Lessons of Fortitude and Friendship

As he prepares to begin working toward a doctorate degree at Pennsylvania State University, former St. John’s Military School cadet Ian Sitarik reflects on the long and winding road that led him to his current academic achievements. It was not long ago that Sitarik found himself facing a crossroad in his life and had to make a difficult choice for … Read More

St. John’s Teaches Cadets to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

The values, behaviors, and practices that children learn in their youth are those that often form the foundation of their beliefs as they move into adulthood. For this reason, one of the most vital lessons needed to shape successful futures is the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, including a balanced diet, and regular physical activity. Unfortunately, despite all the … Read More

Battalion Commander Reilly-Reed Leads the 130th Corps of Cadets with integrity

This definition of leadership, spoken by cadet Lt. Col. Chris Reilly-Reed, proves why he was chosen by the school’s leaders to serve in the important role of battalion commander of the 130th Corps of Cadets at St. John’s Military School. The senior cadet who fulfills the duties of the battalion commander is expected to be a mentor for the Corps, … Read More

Military school signs agreement with KWU to benefit cadets

For more than 100 years, two academic institutions — Kansas Wesleyan University and St. John’s Military School — have anchored the south and north ends of Santa Fe Avenue. Now the liberal arts college at the south end of Santa Fe and the military school at the north end are signing an agreement to allow St. John’s cadets to pursue … Read More

Hesston College offers scholarship to international graduates of St. John’s Military School

Hesston College offers scholarship to international graduates of St. John’s Military School  St. John’s Military School, an all-male, military boarding school in Salina, Kansas, now has even more to offer its international cadets. Hesston College, a Christ-centered, liberal arts college located in Hesston, Kansas, has created a scholarship specifically for international cadets who graduate from St. John’s. These cadets who … Read More

Battalion Executive Officer Reece Turner: Leading by Example

Military School Cadet

When St. John’s Military School cadet Reece Turner looks back on his sophomore year of high school, a year he spent at a large public high school in Texas, he pauses, before saying, “I was surprised to see how the students in my high school were behaving. I had been enrolled at St.John’s Military School for the previous four years. … Read More

A Lifetime Commitment to Leadership

Lessons from St. John’s Military School Alumnus Dale Browning Dale Browning, headmaster at St. John’s Military School in Salina, Kansas, knows what it means to be a leader. He also knows what it means to be an innovator, an entrepreneur, a coach, and a member of a brotherhood that transcends singularity and champions the greater good. When asked what qualities … Read More