Bethany Good Life Scholarship

ST. John's Military School Campus Building

St. John’s Military School, an all-male, military boarding school in the Midwestern United States sees more than 90 percent of their graduates go on to institutions of higher learning after graduation and in the past decade can boost a 100 acceptance rate of those who apply to U.S. universities.

While many students -particularly those international students- head to the east and west coast to pursue their degrees, a new scholarship worth over $110,000 has many young men looking just 20 minutes south of the St. John’s campus to Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas.

In December, Bethany College President William Jones announced to the local community that the college would offer four-year, full-tuition scholarships to all students graduating from a McPherson or Saline County high school from 2017 to 2022. Dubbed the Bethany Good Life Scholarship, it extends to all cadets graduating from St. John’s, which is located in Saline County, regardless of their residency status.

“International students play a pivotal role in our community and especially at Bethany,” said Matt Pfannenstiel, Dean of Admissions at Bethany College. “Our student body currently represents more than 25 countries. We understand the value they bring to us and we, in turn, want to make the biggest impact possible.”

Like St. John’s, Bethany College is a family-oriented environment focused on supporting students and developing the “whole person.”

“We love when our cadets stay close by after graduation,” said Maj. George Stelljes, St. John’s commandant of cadets. “It allows us the ability to keep in closer contact and better support them beyond their time at the school.”

The Lindsborg community is known as “Little Sweden” and is ripe with artists’ studios, art galleries, craft shops, and other attractions. This friendly town is famous for its biennial Svensk Hyllningsfest and yearly Midsummer’s and Lucia festivals. This provides a unique opportunity to celebrate the Scandinavian-American heritage of the region.

In addition to graduating from a Saline or McPherson County high school, to receive the scholarship students must live on campus all four years, purchase a meal plan, and be eligible to enroll at Bethany College.

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