Creative solutions for students with ADHD

Military School Cadets Reading in Library

Parents whose sons struggle with the educational and social complications of ADHD are turning to SJMS to help their sons build confidence and establish a foundation for success.

Military School is no guarantee

Military School Cadets in Uniform

“Our primary goal is to give each and every cadet the tools he needs to learn to be an accountable, and confident leader in his community,” explained Pres. England. “For those young men who share our vision, we’ll help them get there.”

Cadets wow at JPA

Military School Cadets in Uniform Walking

SJMS cadets wow at JROTC Program Accreditation Inspection. They performed to the extremely high standards they set for themselves.

A perfect 10 – The journey of George Norton

Military School Cadet Riffle Training Close Up

Through life we constantly have to readjust our position, change our sights, our follow through, and our visualization of our journey. Most of the time, with the right structure, guidance, and good life choices the sights align for a perfect shot.

SJMS “Old Boy” does good work in Guatemala

Military School Cadet on Mission Trip Posing with Locals

Ian Niebla, a graduate of St. John’s Military School, has taken the lessons learned as a cadet about the importance of community service and is putting them into practice to improve the lives of others.

The ‘Military’ in Military School

Boys Military School Cadets Posing with Authority Figure

With a military school education, a young man will ideally carry himself with respect, pride and confidence, into whatever course he sets for his future.