Colorado student soars at SJMS

Military School Cadet Flying Plane

It has been said that adversity breeds opportunity. For the Sudol family and oldest son, Kody, this could not have been more true.

Kody, a Rockrimmon resident, had attended Eagleview Middle School for sixth and seventh grades. Kody was smart but found it difficult to stay motivated academically and behaviorally. His teachers, along with his parents, Kevin and Kimberly, tried various ways to help him, including positive and negative reinforcement strategies, but nothing seemed to work.

Most of Kody’s offenses were minor and warranted only reprimands from his teachers. But, just two weeks shy of the end of his seventh-grade year, Kody and a friend were sent to the principal’s office for their disruptions. At that point, Kody’s parents knew they needed a new strategy.