July 30 – August 13, 2017

Program Overview

Our English Language Summer Camp is centered on language comprehension and usage through a task­-based program.

Campers will be tested on the first day to determine proficiency level. Classroom activities are conducted in the morning, while afternoons are set aside for field trips, emphasizing American culture and real ­world language practice. Weekends are used to supplement classroom activities with social activities and field trips that give opportunity for interaction with native speakers. Evenings allow time for sports activities.

Our classroom activities emphasize task­-based learning, which is centered on communicative language teaching. According to renowned linguistic researcher Stephen Krashen, language acquisition requires meaningful interaction in the target language.

  • Goals of the program: ­

    • Effective conversational/social functioning in an English environment ­
    • Increased academic vocabulary and increased overall fluency
    • Progressive success in skills regarding conceptual depth versus grammatical correctness
  • Classroom activities may include: ­

    • Coxhead Academic Vocabulary (words used in most classrooms) ­
    • Reader’s Theater ­
    • Messenger­ Scribe Game (Running Dictation) ­
    • Word Wall Activities (word sorts, matches) ­
    • Daily Journal Writing ­
    • Photo Stories ­
    • Simple Cooking ­
    • Create Storyboards
    • Venn Diagrams ­
    • Reading Comprehension ­
    • Charades

Field Trips

Campers will enhance language ability and cultural awareness through local field trips and activities designed for interaction and education about the history and culture of America’s Heartland Frontier. ­

  • Paintball ­
  • Salina Art Center ­
  • Intramural Sports ­
  • Hiking and Exploration ­in Faris Caves and Horsethief Canyon ­
  • Hildebrand Farm, a working Dairy Farm ­ ­
  • Coronado Heights ­
  • Kenwood Cove Waterpark ­
  • Salina Rescue Mission, ­a local homeless shelter ­
  • Historic Brookville Hotel ­
  • Alma Buffalo Ranch ­
  • Abilene Old West Town ­
  • Steam Passenger Train (Abilene) ­
  • Relay Races ­ Scavenger Hunt



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