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Q: When will the school close?

A: St. John’s Military School will continue to operate through the remainder of the current school year, until Commencement on May 11th, 2019. Daily routines will be maintained, and the education and leadership opportunities offered to our cadets will remain robust.

Q: How can I stay in contact with my SJMS Family?

A: St. John’s has two private Facebook groups dedicated to keeping the St. John’s Family together. The St. John’s Military School Family group is for all members of the St. John’s Family and those who love the school. The St. John’s Military School Alumni group is for Old Boys of St. John’s and Old Boys only. We hope you will join one of these groups to stay in touch with your St. John’s family.

Q: How can I get my school transcript?

A: Through the end of the year, you may continue to request your official and unofficial transcripts online.

Order Your Transcript Online

Download a paper Transcript Request Form

Fax to 785.309.5489 or mail to PO Box 5020, Salina, KS 67401.

Instructions for future requests will be posted at a future date.

Q: Will there be staff remaining after the school year?

A: There will be a small team who will remain on campus to conduct closing operations and maintain the grounds. This team will remain in place until all activities are completed.

Q: I made a payment for a future school year or camp. How do I get a refund?

A: Please check your email for a refund notification. If you have not received your refund or notice of a pending refund, please email Ms. Sader at

Q: Will there be a celebration at Commencement to honor our 131 years?

A: Yes. We are planning a number of special events for this year’s Commencement Weekend. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay updated or check our Events page, as it will be updated as decisions and information rolls in.

Q: What will happen to the buildings and grounds of the school?

A: We have begun initial discussions with community leaders to determine the future of the buildings and grounds of the school. In the near-term, they will be properly maintained and cared for. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on this plan and more.

Q: What will happen to all of the markers, bricks, monuments, and precious pieces of history that have amassed at St. John’s over the past 131 years?

A: The St. John’s Family fully understands the value of these items and it is our intention to ensure our rich history is preserved. Initial discussions have begun to ensure this happens. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on these plans.

Q: Will there be some sort of museum, monument, historical marker, etc. to celebrate the school’s 131-year history?

A: Initial discussions have begun to see that our history is preserved. We encourage and will passionately support any fundraising effort in this respect. It is our hope, that our vast network of Old Boys will band together in this effort.

Q: What will happen to bricks in front of JVH?

A: Bricks will stay in place as they are currently laid. No bricks may be removed from the property.

Q: Will there still be yearbooks issued for this school year?

A: Yes. We will operate as normal through the end of the year.

Q: What is the school doing to help current students find accommodations for next year?

A: St. John’s has invited military schools from around the U.S. to join us at Parents’ Weekend. They will be available on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Vanier Academic Center to help intake new students.

Q: What is the school doing to help staff find new employment?

A: This announcement was made well in advance to the close of the school year to allow staff and students to find new opportunities for next year. The school is cooperating with other schools who are interested in hiring our staff and faculty. We are also assisting our employees in resume writing and other job searching efforts.

Q: Do I have to continue to make tuition payments?

A: We are honoring our contracts to the end of the year and expect our families to do the same.

Q: Where can I get SJMS hoodies, T-shirts, coffee mugs and so on?

A: Our Quartermaster is working hard on a way to procure these items online. Please check back for updates!

Q: Where can I get replacement uniform items, badges, ribbons, and medals?

A: Current cadets will continue to be provided with these items to maintain their uniforms through the end of the year. Our Quartermaster is working with various vendors to find a solution for former cadets. Please check back for updates.

Q: Will the school be selling off its assets? Desks, chairs, sporting equipment, etc?

A: Until a determination has been made regarding the future of our buildings and grounds, there will be no sales of current assets. Sign up on our mailing list to stay updated on this and other information.

Q: Who owns the school property?

A: St. John’s is a 501c3 non-profit. All assets of the school are owned by the school itself.

Q: Why didn’t the school reach out to alumni and families for donations and assistance sooner?

A: Many efforts at fundraising have been made over years including the annual Muleskinner appeal, a $400,000 donation match campaign, local community efforts and events, direct contact with alumni and interested parties, alumni events, grants, direct mail, email, and social media. Unfortunately, these efforts yielded moderate results and the school has only been able to maintain its surplus of funds through a small number of large donors and an endowment fund. These are no longer an option.

If you missed our appeals, we may not have a current email or mailing address for you. Please like our Facebook page and sign up on our mailing list to stay updated from here on out.

Q: Is there any effort to “Save the School?”

A: In order to help keep the doors of St. John’s Military School open, we have begun a massive fundraising effort and need your support. Donations are currently being accepted both online and through check. To make a contribution, please click here.


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