Most Important…He’s Proud of Himself!

Boys Military School Cadet and Parents Posing

My wife and I have just returned from parents weekend and are amazed with both the school and especially the staff at St. John’s Military School. We arrived in Kansas not knowing what to expect and were eager to know how Micah has performed during the new boy process. We were greeted warmly from both Micah’s teachers and Staff and were made aware of his overall progress both academically and his overall behavior and military performance. The commitment of the staff is overwhelming! You can tell immediately that all of the staff at St John’s take vested interest in the students and EXPECT them to succeed. We are aware that Micah has been challenging and obviously he still needs to work on a lot of things. However, I would like you to know that it is working and we notice Improvements! First Micah was respectful to both my wife and I addressing us as sir and ma’am. Second there has been a great improvement in his grades. Third and probably most important, he seems proud of himself. This is the first time I think he has felt good about himself in years!! During one of our conversations away from school he said he is happy there. He also stated that he wanted to become a drill Instructor and told me he wanted to graduate from St John’s. As a parent I could not have asked for anything better. I have faith that my son will fully conform to all aspects of his new military life and academics at St John’s in time, and I’m more than confident in the staff in helping him during this process. Thank you all so very much for giving us a part of our son back. We know our son has a long journey ahead of him and we are confident and eager to see him succeed. A few months ago we felt like we had no hope and now because of this short time at St John’s we feel like our son may have a positive future ahead of him. Thank you again and we cannot wait to see you all again for parents weekend in February.