Foundation for Success

The mission of St. John’s Military School is to provide each student the opportunity to grow spiritually, morally, intellectually and physically in a structured environment where safety is always our first concern. We hold the student accountable for his actions and reward positive behavior and impose consequences for negative behavior. We believe that positive reinforcement is more powerful than negative reinforcement, so our desire is to motivate them to do their best and then recognize their achievements.

Each student is held individually responsible for his decisions and actions. The consequences of inappropriate behavior are judged on an individual basis, and each incident is looked at accordingly. Students are given a second chance, and once they face the consequences of their actions, they are once again encouraged to reach their potential.

Adult leadership strives to set a positive example for the Cadets and to be individuals of strong character worthy of emulation. We instill the character traits of personal responsibility, caring leadership, respect for others, dependability, courtesy, orderliness and promptness. These traits set St. John’s Military School Cadets apart from others, and help enable each student to reach his potential in life.

CSM Nunweiler, Commandant

Structured Environment

The school is a living demonstration that prepares each student to become a participating member in society. While academics are designed to stretch the mental abilities of each student, it is the military side of the school in which each Cadet experiences what it means to have self-worth, and develops his latent leadership skills. The school receives young men at a key developmental stage in life; often they are struggling with issues of self-identity and self-discipline. The structured living environment is enhanced by the military lifestyle where peer leadership and peer demonstration are powerful tools with which a young man begins to establish a more mature sense of self.

Integrity & Responsibility

Integrity and responsibility are vital to producing well-developed Cadets. SJMS uses positive reinforcement and encouragement to reward our students for positive behavior. Positive reinforcement motivates each student to excel in our programs and develops confidence that students will carry into their future.

In order to maintain our disciplined, structured environment, it is essential for our faculty and staff to display leadership skills and personal character traits to set strong examples for our Cadets. Although leadership is an integral aspect of our program, additional character traits are necessary for student development: Dependability, courtesy, orderliness, promptness, personal responsibility, and respect and empathy for others.