Thank you for visiting us online and taking the time to learn about a very unique opportunity for your son to obtain a top tier private school education.
I invite you to contact my office, toll free, at 1-866-704-5294 to schedule a date and time to visit our campus.
During this visit, we will meet with you to learn in depth about your son, his needs, aspirations, and offer your family a guided tour of campus through each of our historic buildings, as well as personally introduce you to our President, Commandant, and Academic Dean. In addition to the availability of our on-campus faculty, staff, and administration, we will provide you with contact information for current and past Cadets, parents of Cadets, and friends of the school so they may share with you personal stories of success, and their individual accounts of how St. John’s has touched their lives. If you would like to submit an application, you may do so through this link or you are encouraged to contact me directly at
1-866-704-5294. Look forward to meeting you!

MAJ Robert Forde, Director of Admissions