Create an Opportunity of a Lifetime for your Son

Thank you for considering St. John’s Military School for your young man. The challenges he will face will help him mature and grow in ways he has never imagined possible. Whether you are considering this step for academic reasons or to help him become a more well-rounded person, he will find the structure and physical demands of St. John’s challenging, but highly rewarding. Through our multifaceted approach, he will discover strengths within himself that will not only prepare him for higher education upon graduation, but also for the life beyond high school.

We invite you to visit our campus during one of our open houses, Parents Weekend, or our Commencement Celebration and see for yourself what St. John’s has to offer. During our open houses you will have the opportunity to speak with our President, Commandant, Academic Dean, and Senior Army Instructor. In addition to the availability of our on-campus faculty, staff, and administration, we will give you the opportunity to speak with current cadets in order to give you a firsthand account of life at SJMS. If you would like we can also provide you with contact information for past cadets, parents of cadets, and friends of the school so they may share with you personal stories of success, and their individual accounts of how St. John’s has touched their lives. Through this website you can fill out an application for admission or request more information from our admissions staff. Thank you for taking the time to consider St. John’s and we welcome the opportunity to speak with you about what the St. John’s family has to offer.

For immediate assistance with an Admissions Specialist, please call us at 866.252.1995 or click the Apply Now button for a full application.

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What previous Cadets have to say

Throughout my four years at SJMS, I have learned honesty, dignity, pride, responsibility, loyalty, and, leadership. SJMS has provided me with the opportunity to grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. Without my attendance to SJMS, I don’t know if I would have graduated high school, or be admitted to the college of my dreams, Colorado State University. Go RAMS!David Schmaus, Colorado State University
If I had not attended St. John’s, I still would have grown as a person. But not to this level. The school multiplied those changes tenfold. When I came to St. John’s in 2010, I felt like a boy without a plan. Now as a graduate, I feel like I have matured and gained the tools to be successful in life. Granted, it was never easy. St. John’s throws a lot at you. School, sports, the military side of things, separation from friends and family. It’s not easy. Sometimes it was the last place I would have rather been. But it was worth it. I’ve learned things that many kids won’t pick up until college, or later. Time management, responsibility, pressure to succeed, things of that nature. To the parents of prospective cadets, it is a challenge, for both your son and yourself. But with a little effort on his part, and a little faith in the school on yours, St. John’s can be the best choice you ever make for your son. I know my parents made the right choice. I’ll be forever grateful for them, and the staff and faculty of this great school.Levi Harmon, Virginia Military Institute