St. John’s Military School for boys is a private boarding military school for 235 male students from grades 6 to 12 located in Salina, Kansas. The faculty and staff at St. John’s are dedicated to helping young men develop their leadership and academic skills in a safe and structured, achievement based environment. Our mission is to provide each Cadet with the opportunity to grow spiritually, morally, intellectually, and physically.

Close Up of Military School Cadets Standing in Line

The Origin of Our School

Through the foresight and efforts of an Episcopal Bishop, the Right Reverend Elisha Smith Thomas, and a group of prominent Salina businessmen, St. John’s Military School for boys opened in 1887. These men recognized the need for a disciplined educational and living environment for young boys and established a military school to be operated under church auspices. In the more than 125 years since, St. John’s Military School for boys has helped raise young men into outstanding leaders.

Leadership Through Excellence

The principle objective of St. John’s Military School for boys is to help ensure our Cadets’ future lives are filled with success, happiness, and personal fulfillment. This is achieved through a rigorous academic environment complemented by a structured campus life, promoting the development of personal qualities such as personal graces, confidence, respect, high moral character, and leadership values that will be indispensable to them in their future years. Each Cadet attending St. John’s possesses his own unique personality, personal strengths, challenges and values. As a result, the faculty and staff of the school make every effort to work with each student to develop a tailored and individualized program to allow his personal attributes to flourish. This unique balance of a structured living environment along with the development of academic objectives help each Cadet to develop a high degree of self-discipline as well as self-confidence in their innate abilities. Cadets attending St. John’s come from 32 different states and 7 foreign countries. The opportunity to live together and learn from each other is an invaluable experience. Over time, these young men forge a brotherhood as a result of living in the school’s supportive environment. They also quickly bond with faculty and staff, creating relationships that will be a lasting and rewarding part of their memories of St. John’s.