Meals at St. John’s Military School are served in the battalion dining room of the spacious Stevens Center.

Special care is taken to provide variety and a wide selection of choices.  Cadets may select from a variety of healthy and fresh main courses, side dishes, and dessert, as well as build a salad from the multi-station salad bar, or create a sandwich from the cold cuts section.  Throughout the year, special theme meals are provided to celebrate ethnic occasions and national holidays with cuisine reflective of the occasion.

Maintaining a healthy diet is very important when engaging in vigorous sporting events and participating in challenging academics. For this reason, St. John’s Military School creates each menu item with the health needs of active young men in mind. Healthy meals are part of St. John’s teaching cadets to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Etiquette Dinners

Each semester, cadets attend a formal etiquette dinner.  Prior to the meal, cadets receive instruction on proper table manners, and customs and courtesies for formal occasions.  They are served dinner in a formal setting and allowed to put their newly learned skills into practice.  Etiquette dinners are attended by several adult staff members and young ladies from the community.

Formal Dinners

Prior to the Thanksgiving and Christmas furloughs, the staff, faculty, and cadets enjoy an evening together with a formal dinner in the dining facility.  Extraordinary food is served in a formal setting.  It is a wonderful opportunity for fellowship among the St. John’s family, and the cadets have an opportunity to utilize the skills learned during Etiquette Dinners.

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