Below are school testimonial letters received in support of the Parents Association.

I would strongly recommend anyone who has a Cadet at St. John’s Military School (SJMS) look into the support group of the SJMS Parents Association (SJMSPA). They provide valued support to parents in terms of knowing the school, faculty, staff, and military personnel, as they have been affiliated with SJMS for an extended period of time. The SJMSPA provides support for your Cadets such as quarterly social events like pizza parties and sponsoring the junior class rings. They also facilitate the pride in Cadets when they walk by the commemorative brick display and see their own names and the names of the loved ones who support them. The work the Parents Association does for the Cadets, parents, and school is professional and provides a valued source of information to help you follow your Cadet’s journey through SJMS. Please note the many benefits and activities the SJMSPA provides for both you and your Cadet within this website.D. Dale Browning, St. John’s Headmaster, Alumnus (1955), and Chairman of the Board, Frontier Airlines
We have always heard that middle school is very difficult. We tried to stay in touch with the teachers and keep our son busy with athletics. Every semester the downturn continued. He began to fail his classes and quit activities all together. Our public school system became unsuccessful by telling our son that they could not fail him and would continue to pass him to the next grade. Through much research, we found that SJMS was the best choice for our family. The ratio of teachers to students and the Parents Association was exactly what we needed. In one semester our son went from failing to a low B average. During our first Parents Weekend, we found much support in the Parents Association. We were given immediate assistance from the SJMSPA, listening to the members and being able to feel apart of this association, we found we had so many common threads for us and our son. As parents we became involved again, thanks to SJMSPA, with our son and his education.James Covey
Since the 3rd grade my son lacked an interest in school. My husband and I stayed involved by helping in classrooms, attending field trips, and with homework. Nothing seemed to make a difference; he just would not apply himself to the task of learning. When he entered his freshman year of high school it was apparent that we needed to take more of a dramatic stand as his goal was to drop out of school when he turned 16 (legal age in the state of Colorado). We did our homework and found SJMS. While we felt confident with our choice, our family needed support. We turned to the Parents Association and found it. These are a caring group of individuals who love their sons and want to help any way they can. They talked to us about their experiences with their kids, SJMS and were there to listen. They hosted functions for us to attend as well as very good classes for the boys to educate them about life and the decisions they make. I would highly recommend you get in touch with these folks and learn about all they have to offer. Like many of us, you will be very glad you did!Starla Stetson
My brother started going to SJMS three years ago. I was mad at my Mom and Dad when they took him there but, looking back and realizing how unhappy we were as a family, I’m glad they made that decision. One thing that really helped us out was the support of the Parents Association. My Mom was always wondering what his days were like and if he was doing ok. She didn’t want to call the school every day so she leaned on the Parents Association for support. It turned out to be the best decision for all of us! They round up other families that are in the same situation and bring them together to share stories and experiences and even I was even included! I think the best part of the Association is the luncheon they host every year and the classes they offer for the boys. They teach them that they need to be responsible for the decisions they are making and, if they are not, what the consequences are for being stupid. I’m thankful for these people and all they have done for us as a family. The bricks outside of the barracks are very cool, too!Sister of a 2010 graduate
We wanted to take a minute to let you know how much the SJMS PA has helped our family. We have had a very tough time making the decision to send our son to St. John’s. We know our son and knew that the path he was moving towards was not a good one. No one understands a child quite like their mom and dad do. We could talk to him until we were blue in the face and he was still going to find ways to do what he wanted to do. Our hearts were breaking daily watching this young man that we had such high hopes for become more angry, depressed, and distant with each day.

We knew we had just two years left before he turned 18 and we needed to make a dramatic impact on him…and fast. We felt that if we didn’t move quickly, we would lose him and he would lose the bright future that was within his grasp. With heavy hearts, we decided that St. John’s was our chance to make this impact that we knew was necessary.

We spoke to Major Forde on Friday and got in the car Saturday morning to begin our journey from Highlands Ranch, Colorado to the St. John’s campus. Once we arrived, we found the most caring people at St. John’s. While our son was being processed as a new boy, we began feeling more sure of our decision. This feeling lasted throughout the day as we started to see a spark in our son’s eyes as he was fitted for the various uniforms. He actually started to smile again.

Then came the long ride home… I swear the miles doubled on the way home. We were second-guessing our decision with every mile-marker along the way. I couldn’t stop the tears and wanted to turn back and get my “baby”. We weren’t prepared for the enormous hole that would be left in our hearts. Driving away and leaving our son in another state is the single hardest thing we have ever had to do as parents.

Almost immediately upon our return home, we received a newsletter from SJMS PA. We took turns pouring over the letter page by page. We enjoyed the articles, announcements, and the pictures. We began to feel such a connection to others who had been down this bitter-sweet road and began to realize that we were not alone. There are many St. John’s families that have been were we are. There are so many others who have traveled this road with their sons and have seen positive results. Hearing the stories of the progress that other cadets have made at St. John’s began to reinforce in our minds and hearts that we had made the best decision for our son and that we could be at peace. We had family members that were highly critical of our decision and it helped to feel like we had new members of our family to lean on…the SJMS family.

It is so difficult to go from the constant drama and turmoil of our son’s everyday antics to nothing…you realize just how much of a presence they are in your life when they are no longer in the home and the silence can be deafening. We felt so empty and like something huge was now missing from our lives. We needed to have some way to still feel connected to our son. We are a mom and dad, trying to adjust to not being with our son everyday and just wanting a peek into his new world. SJMS PA has provided this…thank you.

We look forward to the newsletters and photographs. It has helped “outsiders” understand some of the military terms and feel as though we are getting to know some of the faculty and cadets. We feel like we have a glimpse into our son’s day to day activities and it helps to fill the void…we cannot tell you how much this link means to us. Please know how much we appreciate all you and others on the SJMS PA do and, please,…keep the newsletters coming!

Aaron and Janna Harris