St. John’s Military School is blessed to have a very active and vibrant community of parental support.  Current and former parents of St. John’s Military School Cadets are pleased to share their pride in St. John’s and share their success stories, achievements, and development of their sons.

At the close of each school year, St. John’s sends an anonymous parent survey to ask their opinion on the impact St. John’s has had on their son’s life, what they feel has been most beneficial to their son’s development and growth, and what other elements St. John’s can incorporate into the overall success of their sons.

1.  In your view, what is the most significant aspect of St. John’s that contributed to the overall development of your son?

  • The caring and concern demonstrated by the staff and faculty.
  • Respect.  The respect the staff has shown towards our son, the respect they have shown to us, and the respect our son has found for himself.
  • He is more responsible to himself and others, not depending on others to do the work for him.  He shows more respect towards others, social graces, and many more.
  • The structure and involvement of everyone at St. John’s to provide a positive influence on him.
  • The emotional richness of the men entrusted to guide my son.
  • The combination of structure and compassion!  SJMS truly cares about the boys!
  • The caring staff has assisted in proving to my son that he is worth something and is capable of achieving anything he puts his mind to.
  • The teachers and military staff have taught my son how to respect himself and be proud of his heritage.  He has grown so much and with the help of Mr. England and Mr. Browning; my son has positive role models.
  • The disciplined environment provided and the spirit of camaraderie between the cadets that allowed him to feel safe with older, larger boys, and to enjoy the company of boys his own age.
  • SJMS encouraged him to participate in music, church, and sports.  He would not have done that at home.
  • Teaching him respect and having more focus on the academics with the smaller class sizes.  He needs structure and people he can look up to and respect.
  • My son has learned discipline, responsibility, and has been able to expore his spiritual curiosity.  He has found academic success unparalleled in the public school system & is breaking out in sports & team activities far beyond what he was willing to strive for outside St. John’s.
  • The involvement in my son’s personal life and the encouragement he received on an individual basis.  He did not want to disappoint the administration but, at the same time, when he messed up they continued to believe in him.
  • The commitment of administration and military staff to the cadets.
  • The caring and loving dedication of the school’s teachers and staff to the formation of the boys.
  • My son has learned a level of discipline and respect for authority that is beyond what I had hoped for.
  • The military staff are strong yet compassionate when dealing with kids struggling to fit in or adjust.  They do a great job of counseling kids, building them up, and helping them overcome their personal obstacles.
  • Our son is being helped and encouraged in every way possible.  Thank you St. John’s.
  • Our son was lost before he came to St. John’s.  Although he has only been there a semester, I have seen a dramatic change in his self-esteem.
  • Structure, discipline, opportunity, and religious affiliation.  Also, after meeting their teachers for the first time last year I was totally impressed as there was not one I did not think highly of!
  • Sense of belonging to something bigger – strong, moral male role models.  Positive reinforcement that he IS a great kid (and he is!)
  • The small classroom size and individual attention.
  • The structure and the staff.  Your staff are excellent and I am speaking of the entire staff.  I feel a genuine sense of caring for my sons.
  • Genuinely good people running the school and a small enough campus for each boy to receive attention, combined with a very knowledgeable, caring staff.
  • The military aspect, and although it is hard for my cadet at times, he actually holds to that opinion as well.
  • Discipline and structured environment.  His Military Advisors and their influence on him are the main reason he has made so much progress personally and academically (thanks to the small student/teacher ratio and their caring attitudes and efforts).  I give the Military Advisors a lot of credit for his growth.
  • Compassionate, caring, professional program that calls out the best man in my son.  Authentic male and female leadership for my son from military/character-leadership, academic, social and spiritual formation.
  • St. John’s has shown my son how to have confidence and self esteem.  They have also shown him that he can be a success in not only school but in life as well.
  • St. John’s has helped our son with study habits and what he needs to do to make good grades.  His attitude has improved, he seems more mature, and he is smiling again.  He has more confidence in himself and knows he CAN make good grades.
  • Somehow, St. John’s was able to instill a sense of self-worth and pride in accomplishment in our son that my husband and I were not able to do on our own.

2.  Would you recommend SJMS to other parents and why?

  • Yes.  Our son did not like himself very much when he made the decision to go to St. John’s.  With encouragement from us, it was his decision in the end.  He has come to find his self respect, he likes himself again, he has found self discipline that he lacked and has made a move to bettering his life.  Throughout his time at St. John’s, the staff has continually provided updates of his progress.
  • Absolutely and I have.  Due to the issues my son had to learn to deal with all his life I am associated with other parents with kids that struggle.  Having him find a place to belong where he can have the time and support to find out who he is, embrace it and learn what it feels like to thrive has been a blessing.
  • I have recommended St. John’s to other parents.  While I do not believe it is for every student, I believe the school has a strong academic presence and the discipline associated with living at the school and the rigors of the military style life are beneficial for those students who need the discipline.
  • Yes, I believe it saved our son.
  • Yes, I would, but I think parents should be more aware of what to expect the first year regarding the heart strings their son might try to tug on.
  • Yes.  I have seen my son grow and change into a young man with a different focus.  He has pride in himself and, although he says he doesn’t, he has pride in SJMS.  This pride has been demonstrated at home as well.  SJMS has taken a boy and turned him into a young man through rigor, structure, and pride.
  • I have already recommended the school to several families.  I think St. John’s comes the closest of any of the schools I looked at to providing what it promises and what parents want.
  • No question.  They have better behaved kids than any high school campus I have ever been on.  They are consistent but willing to bend a little if it makes sense in given situations.
  • Yes, awesome staff.
  • Yes.  It saved my son’s life.
  • Yes.  Any boy who is not performing to their potential would benefit from St. John’s.
  • I would recommend St. John’s to other parents if they are wanting a quality, personalized education with a more traditional value system.
  • YES, & I have to my fellow co-workers.
  • Yes, because I think it builds a boy’s confidence.
  • Absolutely!  St. John’s saved my son’s life.  The caring, positive approach, and dedication of everyone at St. John’s has turned my son from a kid in trouble to a young man who is looking forward to college and life.  The approach comes from the top – and no one exemplifies it more than Mr. England and Mr. Browning.
  • Yes….Sometimes the toughest decisions in life are the best for all involved…SJMS saved my son and my family!
  • Yes, because of the structure and low student/teacher ratio, my son has excelled in academics where he was lost in the crowd and left behind before sending him to St. John’s.  Also, because of the structured lifestyle my son is also learning to be responsible and accountable by starting with himself.  He never accepted responsibility for anything because he couldn’t accept himself.
  • Yes, has really helped our son achieve the skills he needed to become a better person.  Yes, SJMS helps make men out of boys as far as independence, motivation, self-reliance, and confidence.
  • Yes – it is the best thing you can give to your son.
  • We would recommend St. John’s to other parents because the school has the tools to help kids finish their education, hold them accountable for poor decisions, and also reward the kids for good choices.
  • Yes.  you give them a boy and you get a man back.  Do I need to say more?  I love SJMS.
  • Absolutely and always do.  They basically turned my son around.  Can’t thank you enough.
  • Yes, great school, small classes, caring teachers.
  • Yes, because of the daily structure, beautiful campus, great staff who care about the boys, and the spiritual component.
  • Absolutely.  St. John’s in my view is as close to the best education for young men as can be provided…I only wish I was an Alumni, as I think my education in public school was not the best.
  • Yes!  Most boys need a structured and disciplined learning environment with activities, classes and programs tailored to their needs and interests.  SJMS offers quality education with low teacher/student ratios, mandatory JROTC program, all boarding, athletic programs with nice facilities, over 100 years of traditional “all boys” school.
  • I would and I have because of the emphasis on helping each boy to succeed in a safe, structured environment.  SJMS provides so many opportunities for boys to develop their full potential.
  • ABSOLUTELY!!  I feel in many ways we are losing our young men in the current educational system and it is due (partially, it starts at home as always, but there is also nothing new under the sun…) to the way we are stripping them from interacting the way young men have always interacted to teach and bond together.  SJMS has maintained a system that young men respond to.  They aren’t socially cut off.
  • Without reservation.  I would be happy to be an ambassador for the school.
  • I would definitely recommend SJ.  SJ has been dealing with boys that have difficulty setting limits for themselves & making good choices.  To me, SJ is a safe place for boys to become men.  A place where expectations are given and expected to be met.  A place where the boys are not critcized by their peers because they are doing well, but criticized for not doing better.  A place where pride in their company, school, & themselves help them achieve success.
  • Yes, if I felt it was a good match I would.  I believe some parents are unable to control teenage boys and SJMS works magic when it comes to creating an environment of discipline and rewards.  It’s a process that very few parents could ever duplicate.
  • More than likely, yes.  Classes are smaller, help my child succeed with his grades and not fail.  Got away from bad influences at home, taught him to not be disrespectful towards not only myself but other adults.  Teaches him to follow rules and to know that if they are not followed then there are consequences.
  • Yes, as far as I am concerned St. John’s saved our family and son.  We were at our wits end with a good kid that just decided he didn’t want to go to school anymore.  We couldn’t get him out of bed and it was tearing apart our family.

3.  What can St. John’s do to improve our commitment and contribution to the educational success and development of young men?

  • I think our son is progressing very well and appreciate his educational development.
  • Hold to the higher standards of honor, duty, and care of each other.  Don’t allow the standards to lower in order to make parents happy.  We grow and mature through trials and challenges.  Just balance that with encouragement and care.  I realize it’s a difficult balance.  SJMS meets the challenge overall.  Thanks for the dedication and hard work.
  • Keep up with current technology and advanced educational opportunities.  My son has the opportunity to excel in academics at SJ.  I just want the programs to be available for that to happen.  I must say he did enjoy the career day this winter, it was the first time that something intrigued his interest.
  • The staff works very hard to see that the cadets are well-treated and overseen.  I have admired their above-and-beyond attitude whenever the need arises.
  • I feel the academics are outstanding.  I wish there were a way to motivate these young men to take advantage of the opportunities they’ve been given.  It’s a difficult task the instructors have given a significant number of the cadets missed out on some fundamentals while in public schools.  The teachers truly care & I think they do everything possible to help them.

4.  Has St. John’s met your expectations at the time you enrolled your son?  Please explain.

  • Yes.  We were concerned that our son’s future might be bleak at best.  Now we feel that he can have a good and full life.
  • I will admit I was skeptical but after one year I have seen a marked difference in his grades.
  • Yes, exceeded my expectations.  I don’t get calls for every little thing my son does wrong as I did at his hometown school.  I appreciate SJMS handling issues first and then getting me involved.  They have really reduced my stress level and worry.
  • SJ has gone beyond my expectations.  The personal commitment of the military, academic, & school staff & their family members is amazing.  The boys can sense the personal desire for their success from the adult staff and strive to attain the highest achievements.
  • Yes.  My son is getting a solid academic education and is maturing.
  • Yes.  I feel very lucky to have connected with the school, since I started out just surfing the internet.
  • YES.  You saved his life!
  • Yes.  At home he felt there weren’t any consequences but at St. John’s it appears they are swift and just while not brow beating the boys.
  • St. John’s has exceeded my expectations.  I hoped when I enrolled him to keep him out of trouble long enough for him to graduate high school.  St. John’s has done not only that, but has also taught him how to be a man in a difficult world.
  • Yes.  After researching St. John’s and visiting the school before enrolling my son, I was immensely relieved once enrollment was completed because I left the school with the feeling my son was in the right place to change his life around….& that is happening.
  • Yes.  SJMS was better than expected for our son in terms of what he learned, how he was changed.  I had also been concerned for his physical safety, which has not been an issue.
  • Mostly yes.  He appreciates family more.
  • Way over.  My son went from 60% average to 97% and he is much more communicative, helpful, and fun to be with.
  • Yes, we were told it would take at least 2 years to see a difference in his behavior and everyone was right.  We are very happy with his behavior but he still has a long way to go.  Our plan is for our son to finish out high school at St. John’s.
  • I was a little concerned at enrollment, leaving my son in the care of others.  However, HE wanted to be there & it was the best decision we made for him.
  • Yes, our son had trouble with schools that were unstructured and didn’t provide discipline other than suspension.  Our son’s behavior improved just during summer camp so we knew it would improve during the whole school year, and it has.
  • SJMS has met and exceeded our expectations in many ways.  The administrators, teachers and support staff go above and beyond their duties to make SJMS a great place for our son to go to school.
  • Yes, I feel St. John’s staff listens attentively and actively strives to improve.  I feel that they try to keep the best interest of the boys at heart.
  • Yes.  In all aspects.  Structure, discipline, education.  We support the school because we believe in it.
  • Yes.  SJMS has developed my son in ways and areas I was not successful.  SJMS staff are authentic, capable, and caring.
  • Yes!  SJMS has provided a completely different environment for my son.  He has not been allowed to fall through the cracks, and the staff has been outstanding in their support and geniune concern.  His grades have improved, and he has matured.
  • Yes…this school exceeded my expectations – in public school he only got 3 credits in 2 years – here he had 8 credits in one year.  I actually think he could graduate high school and find himself in the process, instead of who his friends want him to be.
  • Always.  My son is proud of himself and his experience at St. John’s.  Mr. Browning is a stand-up guy, and he supports a great staff and has the admiration and respect of every kid in school.
  • A work in progress.  He’s been there two years and we’ve committed to have him continue Jr. & Sr. years.
  • Yes, we are happy with St. John’s and we have seen a wonderful change in our son.  Being at St. John’s has made a difference in many ways.
  • YES, YES, YES.  I can have a conversation with him and he actually listens!  My son does not come across as condescending to others, very polite to other parents.  I have seen a turn around in his attitude that I did not think was possible – it took some time but, it did happen.  THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME HOPE FOR MY SON AND HIS FUTURE.
  • Yes.  At the time we enrolled our son, he was barely getting D’s in his classes, had no sense of purpose or self-worth.  He was very down on himself & his abilities.  His behavior was poor – confrontational & angry at best.  Now, he’s getting A’s & B’s (never thought that I’d see that).  He has a sense of accomplishment & purpose & his behavior has improved dramatically.  He’s the sweet boy that I remember before 1st grade started.  SJMS gave our son back to us.
Parent Survey Rankings

Below are the overall rankings parents gave St. John’s Military School in 20 different categories.  Many of the responses were between 8 and 10, showing the deep level of satisfaction and appreciation parents of Cadets have for St. John’s Military School.

The average ranking of all surveys returned as of June 2012, appears following each question in parentheses followed by parents’ comments.  The range for ranking is one (lowest) to 10 (highest).

1. What is your overall ranking of SJMS including all programs and aspects of the school?  (8.47)
 What is your assessment of the quality of education provided by SJMS?  (8.44)
 What is your assessment of the disciplinary and structured environment at SJMS?  (8.36)
4. What is your assessment of the activities programs including recreational facilities, sports and the intramural program at SJMS?  (8.04)
5. What is your assessment of living accommodations (barracks) at SJMS?  (8.57)
6. What is your assessment of the dining facilities at SJMS?  (8.48)
7. What is your assessment of the nursing services and health facility at SJMS?  (7.86)
8. What is your assessment of the food quality at SJMS?  (7.48)
9. What is your assessment of professionalism and competency of the faculty at SJMS?  (8.82)
10. What is your assessment of professionalism and competency of the military staff at SJMS?  (8.95)
11. What is your assessment of the professionalism and competency of the administration at SJMS? (8.84)
12. How would you rank the genuine sense of caring and commitment to your son by the military staff? (8.90)
13. How would you rank the genuine sense of caring and commitment to your son’s education by the academic staff?  (8.90)
14. How would you rank the genuine sense of caring and commitment to the overall development of your son by the administration at SJMS?  (8.87)
15. How would you rank the quality of communication you receive from SJMS regarding your son?  (7.89)
16. How would you rank the spiritual and religious components at SJMS?  (8.51)
17. How would you rank the appropriateness and fairness of disciplinary action applied to Cadets’ behavioral issues?  (8.45)
18. How would you rank the development of personal qualities such as politeness, appearance, and social graces taught at SJMS?  (8.98)
19. How would you rank the appearance, attractiveness and maintenance of the SJMS campus?  (9.07)
20. How would you rank the responsiveness and timeliness of your inquiries regarding your concerns and other issues relating to your son?  (8.49)