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Availability of Military School Scholarships and Financial Aid for Cadets

Military School Scholarships and Financial AidThe choice to send a young man to military school is a choice to make an investment in the holistic development of the young man from an academic, leadership, and character perspective. Military schools understand the financial investment associated with the choice to provide one’s son with such an education. For this reason, military schools across the country are committed to ensuring that no young man with the skills and desire to become a successful military cadet be turned away due to financial limitations. Most families are surprised when they learn that available scholarships, grants, financial aid, tuition loans, and flexible payment plans, truly make a military school education affordable for the complete term of enrollment. The nation’s highest-ranking military schools for example, award millions of dollars annually to provide worthy candidates with the benefits of a military school education.

Merit Based Scholarships

Understanding the financial investment associated with a military school education, scholarships are available to cadets to help bridge the financial gap between what a family can afford to pay, and what is necessary to allow for full-time enrollment. Merit based scholarships are available from most military schools for returning cadets who have distinguished themselves as outstanding performers with great potential. Many military schools maintain endowments, which provide for distribution as named merit scholarships to young men who meet pre-determined conditions. For the nation’s most prestigious schools, such endowed scholarships exceed one hundred thousand dollars annually. Generous military school alumni understand from personal experience the benefits that a military education can provide. Having become successful in life in great part due to the lessons learned during military school, they have a desire to enable other young men to receive the same preparations. Military school alumni and other supporters have contributed to endowments to benefit young men who meet such criteria as academic excellence, or leadership potential, while other endowments are provided to young men who meet specific ethnicity or residency requirements.

General Scholarships and Admission Grants

In addition merit scholarships granted by benevolent donors, most military schools also budget for general scholarship funds to be available to cadets based upon financial aid requirements. While merit scholarships are given to returning cadets, general scholarships and aid are provided for many first year cadets. Awarded funds typically do not need to be repaid and are used to offset the total annual cost of tuition. Most scholarship funds are designated to assist with tuition, room and board, and other ancillary costs for a term of one academic year, and cadets are encouraged to reapply for additional scholarship or grant funds on an annual basis. The total cost of a cadet’s awarded scholarship could range from a few thousand dollars to an amount that covers the entire cost of tuition for the most worthy candidates.

Financial Aid Application Process

Financial Aid and Scholarships for Military SchoolThe process for parents and cadets to apply for scholarships and financial aid for military school attendance mirrors the process followed for students applying for financial aid at the college and university level, or the general loan application process. The financial aid assessment process begins with a family’s completion of an application for financial aid that provides a military school financial aid office with an initial assessment of a family’s financial situation and ability to pay the cost of tuition and associated fees. Once a family’s financial needs are determined, the chosen military school can establish how best to bridge the financial gap between financial ability and financial need based on the school’s available funds and the needs of other applicants.

Understanding that a family’s financial situation may change throughout a young man’s cadetship, most military schools allow a family to be re-assessed for financial aid support on an as-needed basis. This ensures that a cadet can remain enrolled in military school, a place where the greatest possible support is given and character development can occur, even at times of life’s greatest hardships for the cadet and his family.

Tuition Loans

After a child is accepted into military school, parents may submit an application for a tuition loan. Admission specialists are typically available at military schools to help families through the tuition loan process. Many institutions that provide tuition loans offer fixed interest rates and flexible payment plans, with longer terms available for families that desire lower monthly payments. Most institutions allow for loans up to $40,000, and the funds can be used to offset the cost of tuition, room, board, and expenses such as activity fees, books, supplies, or computers.

Flexible Tuition Plans

As part of their willingness to support families that will be financing a long cadetship for as long as four to six years, most military schools also offer flexible tuition plans to provide families with the ability to pay any remaining owed costs, outside of financial aid and scholarship monies, in a manner that ensures tuition costs do not become financially burdensome.

Scholarships for Military SchoolMilitary schools across the nation recognize that young men of all socioeconomic backgrounds can benefit throughout their life from the lessons learned by attending military school during their adolescence. Determined not to decline admittance to any viable candidates who may benefit from such an education based solely on financial constraints, military schools encourage families to inquire about, and consider, all financial support opportunities available. Parents should be prepared to speak with their chosen military school about scholarships, grants, financial aid, tuition loans, and flexible tuition plan options, that can ensure a world-class education and leadership development opportunity for their son, without incurring financial hardship.

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