Military leadership programs at St. John’s Military School are based on first hand experience with the Corps led by Cadets under the supervision of the adult staff.  Each Cadet is evaluated on his potential and demonstrated leadership abilities. Where necessary, the military staff provides guidance and consultation to ensure the development of leadership skills.

Each day is an experiment in leadership as the Cadets learn what it takes to become a successful leader. They are taught to always lead by example, to be of strong moral character, and to be worthy of emulation and always care for the needs of their subordinates. Cadets who are successful while serving in leadership positions are rewarded with promotions and increasing responsibility. This is something that cannot be found in a public high school and serves the Cadets well when they move into the business world.

We use the military leadership model and are organized similar to an Army battalion. We have a battalion commander, a battalion staff and leadership positions at the company and platoon level. Cadets are mentored and guided by the adult staff as they progress in rank and experience at St. John’s. The adult staff provides daily, around the clock supervision and counsels the Cadets on their leadership and behavior. We are committed to reinforcing the parent’s efforts to raise their sons in a way that is in the best interests of the Cadet.