Being Involved In Your Cadet’s Journey!

Welcome to St. John’s!

You made a great decision enrolling your son at St. John’s Military School. Your son will be able to enjoy a wealth of opportunities at the school. The faculty and staff really care about your son and are always available to discuss your cadet’s achievements and areas for improvement.

The SJMS Parents Association also cares about you and your cadet. Our mission is to provide a forum for parents, teachers, staff, and cadets to share information about activities occurring at the school. We strive to keep members updated on the academic, military, sports, and extracurricular achievements of the cadets. We plan, sponsor, and conduct activities and provide members support and benefits beyond the scope and charter of the school. Our members share a special bond as fellow guardians temporarily separated from our sons.

Since you and your son are new to SJMS, we and the school understand this may be an emotional time for you and your family. Please remember you are not alone. We’re here for you if want someone to talk to about the school and your son’s participation. Please feel free to call or email.

If you would like to speak with a SJMSPA Member, please contact:

You may be surprised to find we share similar experiences. Talking with a parent who has “been there” can be quite a relief!

Please know we are always just a phone call or email away!

Bill Latteman
President 2015/2016
St. John’s Military School Parents Association