New president joins St. John’s team

Having lived a life of dedicated to service and leadership development, COL William Clark, U.S. Army retired, is well-positioned to take on the role of St. John’s president. When asked what it means to have the opportunity to serve as the next president of St. John’s Military School, Clark is focused, pointed, and characteristically humble in his response as he … Read More

Valedictorian Wei credits St. John’s brotherhood with success in school

Brotherhood. It’s a word often used to describe the culture and ideology of St. John’s Military School, but perhaps it’s a word that’s never been more relevant than when used to describe the 129th Corps of Cadets. “Thanks to the St. John’s brotherhood. I learned the importance of being responsible for yourself and for others around you.”Daniel Wei This year’s … Read More

Perfect Score on JROTC Program for Accreditation

To earn such merits, both the cadets and the instructors were evaluated against five standards of quality. It was an achievement that required the year-long preparation of every enrolled cadet, the support of every faculty and staff member, and the dedicated leadership of the JROTC instructors and battalion staff. Battalion Public Affairs Officer Cadet Capt. Bryce Kisner, junior, said earning … Read More

Bethany Good Life Scholarship

ST. John's Military School Campus Building

Bethany College President William Jones announced to the local community that the college would offer four-year, full-tuition scholarships to all students graduating from a McPherson or Saline County high school from 2017 to 2022.

Achieving Excellence: Battalion Commander Justin Gilbert

Don and Susan Gilbert wanted something better for their son, Justin. Like so many parents, they wanted to give him every opportunity to excel academically, personally, and socially. They wanted him to learn to lead, and to learn the values of hard work, team work, and personal accountability. While the hardest part of giving their 11-year old son these gifts, … Read More

JROTC – Air Rifle Qualification

Cadets get a  chance to earn one of the coveted JROTC marksmanship badges. Once a year the St. John’s Military School JROTC Department conducts an air rifle qualification program for all JROTC Cadets. This year’s program ran from January 4 to 27. By waiting until third quarter to conduct qualifications, this gives more cadets a chance to earn one of … Read More

Hesston College offers scholarship to international graduates of St. John’s Military School

Hesston College offers scholarship to international graduates of St. John’s Military School  St. John’s Military School, an all-male, military boarding school in Salina, Kansas, now has even more to offer its international cadets. Hesston College, a Christ-centered, liberal arts college located in Hesston, Kansas, has created a scholarship specifically for international cadets who graduate from St. John’s. These cadets who … Read More

Battalion Executive Officer Reece Turner: Leading by Example

Military School Cadet

When St. John’s Military School cadet Reece Turner looks back on his sophomore year of high school, a year he spent at a large public high school in Texas, he pauses, before saying, “I was surprised to see how the students in my high school were behaving. I had been enrolled at St.John’s Military School for the previous four years. … Read More

A Lifetime Commitment to Leadership

Lessons from St. John’s Military School Alumnus Dale Browning Dale Browning, headmaster at St. John’s Military School in Salina, Kansas, knows what it means to be a leader. He also knows what it means to be an innovator, an entrepreneur, a coach, and a member of a brotherhood that transcends singularity and champions the greater good. When asked what qualities … Read More