Color Guard, present colors

Military School Cadets in Uniform at Sports Stadium

You don’t have to be from Kansas to know the exciting rivalry of Bulls vs. Knicks, or the Celtics vs. Lakers. Here in Kansas our big rivalry is KSU or Kansas State University Wildcats vs. KU, or Kansas University Jayhawks. The rivalry between these two schools dates back to the 1860’s and although Kansas University has been the more dominant team … Read More

Fall Skirmisher 2013

Download the latest version of the skirmisher here! Download the latest version of the skirmisher here!

Outstanding Students Chosen to Lead

Boys Military School Cadets in Uniform Standing

Salina, Kan. – Aug. 19, 2013 – St. John’s Military School Leadership Camp begins today with a number of exceptional students in attendance that have been chosen as cadet leaders to guide the corps for the 2013-14 school year. “Leadership Camp at St. John’s is an opportunity to provide a period of intense leadership training for the selected cadets that … Read More

Success Didn’t Come Quickly

Boys Military School Cadet Posing with Family Members

Maturity, Mentoring Bring High Rank and High Grades Dr. Laura Kenny is a single mother of five who realized that her middle son, Ryan, needed structure as he approached high school in ways that her other two sons didn’t. She and Ryan – a “guy’s guy,” mom says – found both that structure and strong male role models at St. … Read More

SJMS Earns Perfect AFI Score

St. John's Military School Cadets in Uniform Holding American Flags

Congratulations to the 2013 class of the Historical 125th Corps of Cadets for earning a perfect score of 1,000 points on this year’s Annual Formal Inspection! See Full Story

St. John’s Cadet Recognized in California

Side by Side Photo of Boy Military School Cadet in Uniform and one in Athletic Wear

Sergio is the son of Francesca and Sebastiano Cois of Saratoga. His mother is a homemaker and his father is a real estate investor and developer.  Following graduation this year he plans to attend college either at Cal Poly or UC San Diego focusing on business and either administration or engineering…. Click here to read full story

Cadets Return Home for the Holidays

Close Up of Boys Military School Cadet in Uniform Posing with Family Members

SALINA, Kan., Dec. 10, 2012 – Cadets from St. John’s Military School will return to their homes for the Christmas and New Year’s break beginning Dec. 19. “This is a special time for our Cadets,” said St. John’s Military School President Andy England. “They have been working hard and nearly nonstop since August, and they all are really looking forward … Read More

Battalion Staff Farewell Address

Boys Military School Cadet in Uniform and Authority Figure Saluting

Videos of the farewell addresses made by members of the 124th Corps Battalion Staff Cadets are available on YouTube! Follow this link to watch:  Click Here

The Historic 125th Corps of Cadets

Boys Military School Cadets Walking

The 125th Corps of Cadets, a historic year for St. John’s, has officially formed.  Read the story printed in the Salina Jornal by following this link: