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Military School Cadet Posing with His Mother SmilingSending your young man to military school is a difficult one. Thank you for taking the time to consider St. John’s Military School. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping every young man that arrives on campus the opportunity that will help to insure his success in the future, regardless of where his future may take him. A common misconception about military schools is that they accept students who are “troubled” or “court ordered”. We simply do not accept such young men. The fact is that there are many reasons why someone would consider military school. Many of the members of our cadet corps simply have not found success in the public school system as a result of their indifference to academic challenges and difficulty in taking direction, which has resulted a lack of self confidence and self esteem.

St. John’s provides the opportunity for each and every cadet to find the internal strength and innate talents that will help them develop into a well rounded and contributing citizen of the world. This has been the mission of St. John’s Military School for over 130 years. Our retention (re-enrollment) rate of over 90% speaks to the confidence that our cadets and their parents have in our school. Each cadet is assigned a military and academic advisor that provide each student mentorship, guidance, and support. Our goal is to insure that our students feel that they have advocates working on their behalf.

Over the course of the first few weeks at St. John’s, your cadet will take part in what is referred to as “New Boy”. This process can take up to six weeks, and is designed to educate him in military customs and courtesies, drill and ceremony. This basic training is the beginning of every young man’s cadetship at St. John’s. This process creates the same opportunity for success for each cadet, regardless of their socio-economic background. As a New Boy the cadets’ life is very restricted. New Boy Cadets are not allowed cell phones, other electronics, nor are they allowed to go off campus or utilize the recreation center. However, during this period of time, cadets are encouraged to write letters to family and friends. After the initial three weeks of New Boy they will be able to call home and share the progress they have made. Then, after successful completion of New Boy they will enjoy the full phone privileges in accordance with the cadet handbook. During this period of new boy, each cadet will begin the process of becoming independent and achieve objectives on his own, and not depend on someone to “bail him out”. The goal of New Boy is for each cadet to graduate as a competent, effective, and contributing member of the Corps with the same opportunities for advancement and position as every other cadet.

If you have questions that arise as you navigate this website, please don’t hesitate to contact our Admissions department at 866-704-5294.

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