Why Should I Send My Son to Military School?

Here are some of the ways we can impact your son’s life.


St. John’s Military School provides a high quality education in an environment that values academic effort and achievement, eliminates distractions, and recognizes the differences regarding how boys learn.  Equal emphasis is placed on providing a challenging college preparatory curriculum and providing the resources necessary to assist students requiring assistance.

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The military model at St. John’s allows for focus upon and development of character traits and life skills that contribute greatly to a cadet’s future success.  Leadership, citizenship, integrity, and self-confidence are all part of the daily learning that occurs here.

How Military School Differs From Boarding School


Cadets who navigate the same challenges together form a bond of brotherhood that infuses all that they do at St. John’s.  Mutual respect and accountability result in positive peer pressure regarding academic effort and performance, behavior, personal standards.  Furthermore, the staff and faculty are fully invested in the success of the cadets.  Strong bonds are formed as the cadets, and their families, become part of the St. John’s family.

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How is this Achieved?

Here are the 4 key areas of focus that help get it done.


Commitment to Military Education Starts in the Classroom.

Learning to Learn.

St. John’s Military School student to teacher ratio varies from 8:1 to 10:1, depending upon the makeup of the student body in any given calendar year.
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Integrity & Responsibility Starts With a Structured Environment.

Laying the Foundation for Success.

It is the military side of the school in which each Cadet experiences what it means to have self-worth, and develops his latent leadership skills.
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Living a life of faith at St. John’s Religious Military School.

A Life of Faith, Community, and Giving

The religious programs at St. John’s Military School are designed to develop and strengthen character in our Cadets form day one.
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Learning the basics teamwork and brotherhood.

Challenging the Mind and Body

Gain valuable real-world skills all while teaching teamwork and brotherhood in various sports and confidence building activities.
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