Reflections from 126th Corps Battalion Commander

Close Up of Boys Military School Cadet in Uniform

Levi Harmon, 126th Corps of Cadets Battalion Commander, reflects upon his four years at St. John’s Military School.

I came to St. John’s four years ago. During that time, I have completely changed. Prior to SJMS, I was not a troublemaker. However, I severely lacked motivation and direction. I had potential, but no idea how to use it. My time at the school was filled with learning experiences. Every mistake, every punishment, every success, carried a lesson. I have learned valuable skills that are applicable in almost any social or vocational area. I have learned discipline, respect, time management, attention to detail,
as well as many other valuable skills.

As for my character development, that too has been a remarkable change. I came to St. John’s as a shy, quiet boy who was occasionally dishonest, self centered, and unsure of his moral standards. Through my experiences as a cadet, I have been taught the value of honesty, integrity, and moral courage. I’m no longer afraid to voice my opinions, or stand up for what is right. SJMS has eased my path to my dream school. In August I will begin a new adventure at Virginia Military Institute. St. John’s has prepared me well
and I am confident as I move forward with this new stage of my life.

St. John’s is not for everyone. It is not meant to be a second chance school or a punishment for wayward young men. It is an opportunity for those who are willing to make changes, sacrifices, and suffer a little bit of hardship, all to reap the benefits of a well rounded life experience. I am forever grateful to my parents, the staff and faculty, my fellow cadets, and all those who have touched my life in some way during my time as a cadet. SJMS forever. Class of 2014.