Across St John’s the focus of religious teaching is to provide a diverse, yet integrated, web of spiritual formation programs such as:

1) “Small Group” are High School and Middle School meetings on Monday nights where Cadets come together to fellowship, study the Bible, and eat ice cream. Every other week, both groups combine into one big program called Charged where all Cadets worship and pray together and then break into discussion groups to talk about how to live out of their faith together.

2) “Devotionals” take place Tuesday (Middle School) and Thursday (High School) nights in the barracks where Cadets participate in a Compline-style service with Confession, responsive prayer and a close with worship by acoustic guitar.

3) “Movie Nights” are where Cadets watch movies and discuss themes on spirituality as represented in the arts.

4) “Explore” programs where Cadets engage the hard questions about God and Christian living through group discussions, debates, panel forums, etc. Also, every other month we have started an Open Mic Night which provides Cadets with a venue to express artistic creativity through music, poetry, spoken word, readings, etc.