Living a life of faith at St. John’s Religious Military School

Welcome! Religious Military Schools give young men a unique opportunity to not only develop a life of structure, discipline and integrity, but also a life of faith, community, and giving. Religious life at St. John’s is centered at Armstrong Memorial Chapel where Cadets begin their faith journey while attending services every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. St. John’s Military School also offers an opportunity to be a part of chapel choir, and other musical opportunities. Throughout the campus, there are spiritual formation networks that link together Cadets of many faiths in a wide variety of groups, allowing us to nurture and encourage each Cadet’s life of faith. We provide opportunities to educate Cadets about their own unique religious heritage and instruct them on why faith matters at religious military schools, and challenge them to explore their traditions and perspectives more seriously. Cadets are also encouraged to take ownership of their faith through authentic fellowship groups, meaningful life-application of scripture, and ethical integrity. We are also very pleased to participate in Spring Break mission trips, encouraging these young men to become more active in community, and to live a life of service to others through faith, and selfless giving. Information regarding our affiliation with Praying Pelican Missions is available by clicking here. It is my firm belief that dynamic faith life is integral to responsible leadership. The religious programs at St. John’s Military School are designed to develop and strengthen this character in our Cadets.

– Chaplain Randy McIntosh