The philosophy of sports and activities in school at St. John’s Military School is that they are an integral part of the school’s program of education providing experiences that help young men develop physically, mentally and emotionally. Cadets are stimulated to want to win and excel, but the principles of good sportsmanship prevail at all times to promote the educational values of contests. The element of competition and winning does not determine the nature of the program. This provides an exciting, yet educationally and psychologically sound, experience because of the training it offers for living in a competitive society.

We believe participation in activities, both as a player and as a spectator, is an integral part of the Cadet’s educational experience. Such participation is a privilege that carries with it responsibilities to the School, to the team, to the corps, and to the student himself. In his play and in his conduct, he is representing all of these groups. Such experiences contribute to the development of knowledge, skill, and the innate abilities he possesses, thereby making him a more rounded, complete young man and citizen.

St. John’s Military School offers a wide range of varsity and intramural sports. We provide every student the opportunity to take part in sports regardless of athletic ability. St. John’s competes on the junior varsity and varsity levels with other independent and public schools. The interscholastic sports are football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, tennis, golf, and rifle team. Intramural sports include basketball, touch football, dodge ball, volleyball, softball, paintball, futsal, and table tennis.