St. John’s Cross Country program will train the Cadets to become healthy, mature, strong runners. The Cross Country program will involve training to compete around the state of Kansas at high school meets. Varsity will race the 5 kilometer (3.1 mile) distance while junior varsity will race the 4 kilometer (2.48 mile) distance. The Cross Country team will give Cadets an introduction to healthy, mature running by teaching runners about economy of motion, the biomechanics of proper technique (proper strike pattern, stride angle, etc.), nutrition, and racing strategy, among other things. Next, the Cross Country team will train Cadets to become strong runners. The season will begin by building an aerobic base. Then, a progressive training calendar will use a variety of speed and endurance workouts (including track repeats, fartlek, tempo, VO2 Max, negative split intervals, fatigue fighters and repeat hill sessions) to challenge runners to increase threshold, build endurance, and hone in on their goal race pace by which runners will gauge their progress throughout the season.