“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, and the determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand.”
Vince Lombardi

Regardless of athletic prowess, team sports have the ability to bond people in ways that no other activities can. It builds trust in others as well as confidence in one’s ability to contribute to a common goal. At St. John’s, sports and clubs play key roles in the development of young men in order to not only provide the opportunity to be a part of a larger group and physical growth, but to also step outside of one’s self in the interest of others. Cooperation, collaboration, and teamwork are keys to success in most situations that they will encounter in their lives. Although every cadet is obligated to participate in physical training each day, all are encouraged to join a club or sport.

Boys Military School Cadets Playing Football The coaching staff of SJMS football believe that many life lessons are taught, and found while on the field including time management, resilience, self-motivation, and of course, teamwork. St John’s football competes against other schools from around the region in “8-man” football and strives to develop young men both on and off the field. St John’s cadets have gone on to play at the collegiate level in all divisions.
Boys Military School Cadets Playing BasketballBeing a team sport with an emphasis on structured play, basketball provides interested students the opportunity to participate while learning technical skills, self-discipline, control, and teamwork. We strive to teach necessary skills to assist the student athlete to win in basketball and in life.
Both junior varsity and varsity military basketball programs are offered. The basketball season consists of 20 games and the state playoffs.
Boys Military School Cadets Playing SoccerSt. John’s Military School enjoys a full soccer season during the fall semester, playing a minimum of 10 games. The soccer season begins approximately two weeks before the actual academic school year in August with a training camp held in conjunction with the Military Leadership Camp.
In order to promote a cohesive, well-developed team, it is very important that prospective soccer players attend the SJMS Training Camp.
Soccer is a successful sport at St. John’s with enthusiastic support from the corps.
Boys Military School Cadet Wrestling Wrestling is a sport that lets the individual prove his worth by carrying his own weight as it is classified as both a team sport and an individual sport. There is a great deal of camaraderie developed as the wrestlers help each other to become better athletes. This provides them the opportunity to develop a better self-concept of themselves and of the team.
The Wrestling season begins in November and goes to the end of February. The long season gives the Cadets the opportunity to have enough matches to prepare them for the post-season. St. John’s competes against schools in the Salina area in the 3A, 2A, and 1A classifications.
The St John’s baseball team was established in 2015 by head coach McCoy. The season starts in April and ends in May. We play in the Kansas Christian Athletic League, which is division 2A. We usually play about 12 to 16 games total. We play our home games in the city of Salina, at Dean Evans field, and Matson field. Baseball players at St. John’s are pushed to excel in the classroom and on the field. The cadets learn about leadership, teamwork, and playing with good sportsmanship.
Boys Military School Cadets Running in MeetThe overall philosophy of the St. John’s Cross Country program is to develop each of our athletes to become lifetime runners for the physical and mental health benefits they will enjoy. All cadets, regardless of physical ability or stamina, are encouraged to join the team. Although the season officially begins in mid-August, runners are highly encouraged to complete a training program over the summer. Once the season begins, the program includes a progressive training calendar will use a variety of speed and endurance workouts to challenge runners to increase threshold, build endurance, and hone in on their goal race pace by which runners will gauge their progress throughout the season. The Cross Country program competes at both the Junior High and High School levels. Although St. John’s falls within the smallest classification in Kansas (Class 1-2A), the team competes in seven meets which include programs from the biggest schools in Kansas. The Varsity and Junior Varsity races are 5 kilometers (3.1 miles), while the Junior High races are 1 mile for 7th graders and 2 miles for 8th graders.
The goal of the weightlifting club is to promote a healthy lifestyle, to improve strength, and most importantly, self-confidence. The club is limited to high schoolers due to the stresses lifting puts on the body. Our club meets after school and all members are required to lift with an approved program. The adults who help monitor the club have experience in lifting, and encourage these young men to research and set up a plan that will help them achieve the goals that they set for themselves. We monitor them through max outs (gains in strength); their weight (done by measuring and weigh-ins) and inches gained in muscle (chest, arms, and legs).
Tennis begins each year the beginning of March. Practices are daily from 3:30 until 5:15 pm. The season begins with athletes working through conditioning exercises and undergoing a refresher course on the basics for singles and doubles play.
During the third week, everyone plays a “round robin” with a record kept of wins and losses to determine a ranking of ability. The top two players then are the first and second singles players, the next two are first doubles, and the next two are second doubles. A team in school tennis is six players.
Cadets typically compete in at least four meets in April and one the first week of May. All meets in which students participate are at the junior varsity level, and gives all participants a chance to achieve a medal.
Military School Cadet Playing GolfOur golf program starts with team selection the first part of March. The season ends the last week of school. The team practices at our two local public golf courses each week. Golf tournaments will start the last week of March, with 5-6 varsity meets and 3 JV meets.
The team includes players of all ability levels–from beginners wanting to learn how to play golf, to the experienced player looking to improve their skills.
All aspects of the golf game are covered including driving, pitching, chipping, and putting. More importantly, golf etiquette is stressed so each cadet will know how to properly conduct themselves when playing in competition. Knowing the rules are an important part of golf, because golf is the only sport where the player may have to call a penalty on themselves. Because of this, it is important that they have integrity for the game, and themselves.
Close Up of Boys Military School Cadet at Rifle PracticeSmall bore and air rifle target shooting is a national and Olympic sport with many accomplished marksman in the central Kansas area. Cadets on the St. John’s High School Rifle Team not only have the opportunity to test their skills locally, but also to compete nationally through postal matches hosted by organizations such as the National Rifle Association, the Civilian Marksmanship Program, the American Legion, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Postal matches are competitions fired on our home range with the fired targets mailed to the host organization. This allows our students to compete at the national level against many other schools and shooting clubs across the nation.

The rifle team competes in more than twenty-five matches a season that extends from the first of November through the first of April; everything culminates with the Kansas State three-position Championship. Other prestigious competitions in which each team member competes includes the NRA Sectionals, the Junior Olympic Qualifier, and the Kansas State Outdoor and Indoor Championships. In addition, the St. John’s Rifle Team is a member of the North Central Kansas Gallery League and competes on a weekly basis against teams from the north central Kansas area.
The rifle range in the basement of the Steven’s Center utilizes twelve firing points and is considered to be a world class facility. This facility received praise from several Olympic hopefuls that include members from the Army’s Marksmanship Unit. While competing on the range, one such shooter tied a national record in standing position.
Coach Tony Blair is a competitor himself and has coached the high school rifle team from 1989-1993, and then again from 1999 to the present day. He is an NRA/CMP certified coach and rifle instructor and President of the North Central Kansas Gallery League.
Joining the rifle team is difficult at St John’s. Most Cadets, after hearing about the program, want to join but they need to try out for the few open positions each year. Normally, there are only three or four placements available.
The team practices two hours a day on four days a week when they are not actually competing in a match. They practice the self control of holding as perfectly still as they can and controlling their breathing. This is a difficult task even for an adult, requiring much self discipline and dedication.

Boys Military School Cadets Holding Wooden LogAs a member of the St. John’s Military School AMS Raiders, a cadets life can be enhanced through participation in a comprehensive physical education program that promotes optimal growth and development in their physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. A developmentally appropriate physical education program empowers cadets to make wise choices, meet challenges, and exhibit positive behaviors in a lifelong fitness and movement activity. The SJMS AMS (Advanced Military Skills) Raiders compete in Raider Challenges across the United States, and just last year took fourth in the nation at the U.S. Open.


High school students can sign up to participate in BEST robotics. Typically, the cadet will be enrolled in the robotics class during the academic day. BEST robotics allows the cadets more of an opportunity to be competitive. All teams use the same materials provided, which levels the playing field. The season begins in September when the team travels to Wichita State University (WSU) for the game reveal. The team then has six weeks to build and program the robot to complete the challenge. During the season the team travels to WSU three times (game reveal day, practice day, and competition day).
St. John’s Military School boasts one of the very first Boy Scout Troops in the nation. Troop 1 consists of the high school Venture Crew and the middle school Boy Scouts. The Venture Crew meets the first and third week of the month and is very active with camping activities. The Boy Scout Troop meets once a week during PE class and on Sunday evening. Scoutmaster Brian Bell and his college interns help the scouts earn merit badges. Extensive study of first aid and emergency preparedness is covered in both the Venture Crew and the Boy Scout Troop. The Boy Scouts of America program also focuses on citizenship as it relates to community, our nation and the world.
Cadets are an integral part of the spiritual services here at St. John’s. Working with the Chaplain and the Assistant Chaplain to create worshipful and meaningful services helps bring cadets closer to the Lord. Not only are cadets a part of the planning and coordination of all Chapel activities and services, they also help mentor each other and participate in weekly counseling groups within the Corps of Cadets. Cadets interested in becoming a chapel member will go through a four week trial period where they help the Chaplain and play a huge role in maintaining the services that the school holds in the highest esteem.
St. John’s is working with Horizon’s Driving Academy to offer a certified drivers education program to our cadets. Completion of this course will result in the issuance of a Kansas Driver’s License. License restrictions, if any, are based on the age of the student, in accordance with Kansas law.

Please Click Here to view PDF regarding criteria.

Military School Cadet Flying PlaneSt. John’s Cadets are afforded the privilege of joining the Civil Air Patrol’s Smoky Hill Composite Squadron. Meetings are held most Tuesday evenings in the Squadron headquarters at the Salina Regional Airport. Transportation to and from the meeting is furnished for the Cadets.
CAP Cadets receive training in Air Force Leadership, Aerospace Education, Character Development, and Emergency Services. They are issued Air Force style uniforms and afforded the opportunity to fly in powered and glider aircraft as well as the opportunity to participate in local, regional, and national Cadet activities. They may also earn the opportunity for activity scholarships, flight scholarships and college scholarships. More than 10% of the Air Force Academy Cadets get their start as Civil Air Patrol Cadets.
The Civil Air Patrol is the Congressionally Chartered official civilian Auxiliary of the United States Air Force.
For more information visit Civil Air Patrol Cadet program.