JROTC Completes Annual Air Rifle Qualification Program

Boys Military School Cadet at Riffle Practice

Once a year the St John’s Military School JROTC Department conducts an air rifle qualification program for all JROTC Cadets. This year’s program ran from 12 Jan – 4 Feb 15. By waiting until third quarter to conduct qualifications, this gives more cadets a chance to earn one of the coveted marksmanship badges. Eighty cadets had an opportunity to qualify this year.

Before a cadet can fire their first round downrange they must go through eight days of classroom instruction covering safety, fundamentals of rifle shooting, and instruction in the different positions involved in three position rifle shooting; this being the prone, standing, and kneeling positions. In addition, all cadets must pass the range safety exam with a 100% and sign a 15 point safety pledge before being allowed to fire. While on the range all cadets serve as assistant safety officers and help each other as a two person team while attempting to qualify.

Kinsey-shooting-for-expertEven with all of the above training, first time shooters as well as the more experienced shooters find earning a badge does not come easily. To earn a marksman badge, shooters must fire a minimum score of 175 out of a possible 200 points while firing in the prone and standing positions. To earn the sharpshooter badge, cadets must score a minimum 188 points out of 200. The few who earn the right to try for the title of expert rifleman must fire in all three positions to include the kneeling position and must fire a score of 290 out of 300 to earn the elite expert badge.

The 127th Corps of Cadets have done an excellent job qualifying this year. Seventy-eight percent of the eligible participants this year qualified for one of the marksmanship badges. In addition to the six MuleSkinner Rifle Team Members, fourteen other cadets have qualified as experts. They are Mason Clanton, Justin Gilbert, Jayden Kinsey, Blake Masso, Lester Ostertag, Yuehai Pan, Chase Rose, Easton Ryser, Jarrett Sapirstein, Hayden Schjolberg, Tyler Sullivan, Caelon Tautz, Daniel Wei, and Cameron Williams. Cadet Kinsey fired the highest score this year with a 296 out of 300. For this prestigious accomplishment Jayden will receive the Upper School Marksmanship Award during the Commencement Awards Ceremony. All in all there are 20 experts in the 127th Corps of Cadets along with 8 sharpshooters and 34 marksmen.