St. John’s Military School FIRST Robotics competition – UPDATE!

Military School Cadets Take Selfie at Robotics Competition

St. John’s Military School “Rangers” Robotics Team Update

What a day! Some ups and some downs. We started out really well.  We are about an inch short of shooting over the truss in the middle, but we can shoot in the low goal and are SUPER fast.

We went 1-6. BUT I feel very confident in saying we score more today with our robot than we have at the regionals competition the past 3 years. In autonomous alone we scored 180 points.

These boys were in a very high pressure situation toward the end of the day. In the second to last match one of our wheels came off. We went back to the pit and surveyed the damage. We had less than 40 minutes to take the chassis apart, put the wheel back on, and secure the other wheel on that side. It would have been very easy to say we are done for the day. They composed themselves were able to get it fixed enough that we could play in our last match of the day.

It was before this match that we decided it didn’t matter if we won or lost the last match, but that we were glad we could compete. There were some connection issues in the last match and we were delayed to start. The announcer challenged everyone to take a selfie and tweet it.  Wendy just happened to be on the field and we borrowed her iPad. You can tell by these smiles we were relived to have the bot back together.

We are currently ranked 55 out of 62 teams. This does not mean we are out of it. We just have had bad luck.
It is our hope that tomorrow after qualification rounds are finished the top teams will look at points and not ranking when choosing their alliances for the elimination rounds.

Tomorrow we will go at 10, 10:36 and 11:24.

Thanks for your support,

Anna and Pam

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