St. John’s Receives Grant Funding from Salina Regional Health Foundation for Enhanced Campus Security System

The safety and security of the cadets at St. John’s Military School is, and always has been, the school’s utmost priority. Thanks to the generosity of grant funding from the Salina Regional Health Foundation, St. John’s is enhancing its security systems to enable additional administrative visibility and safety assurance through use of the latest technological innovations in security monitoring.

“The grant investment we received from the Salina Regional Health Foundation is significant,” said St. John’s President, COL William Clark. “The grant money allows us to install a new security camera system to provide our staff members with higher quality images, visibility into areas of the campus where we previously had blind spots, and the ability to remotely view the camera footage from a mobile device. Simply put, the funds provided by the Health Foundation will permit the school to improve the overall safety and security of the school – our number one priority.”

The leaders at St. John’s requested and were awarded grant funding from Salina Regional Health Foundation to cover costs associated with the purchase and installation of 125 high-quality security cameras, strategically placed around campus including in the barracks, academic center, gym, and other common areas. Each of the 125 cameras has a built-in infrared range (IR) sensor able to detect motion and notify staff members of suspicious activity. The grant funds were also used to install 100 new deadbolt locking systems on interior barrack doors associated with an electronic key entry system and five new exterior doors.

According to Nunweiler, the enhanced security system will allow the school to better protect its cadets and staff members, including those who live on campus full-time, from outside threats.

“Being able to effectively see ourselves and provide early warning to unwanted visitors is critical to our ability to fulfill the school’s top priority, and its mission,” said Nunweiler.

Before submitting its request for grant funding, the leadership at St. John’s assessed the school’s current level of cadet and staff security to identify areas of improvement and opportunities to leverage the latest technological advancements in security monitoring to address the types of risks threatening all school campuses.

“The enhanced security systems have already been installed throughout campus,” said Nunweiler. “Now, we are addressing our policies to make sure we have the necessary procedures documented to align with our enhanced visibility. All the camera capabilities that we wanted have been fulfilled thanks to the grant we received from Salina Regional Health Foundation. There was no better partner for a project that focuses on safety and security than an entity in the health and welfare field that shares those priorities.”