Sweet Sincerity

Boys Military School Cadet Headshot

“The mission of St. John’s Military School is to provide each cadet with the opportunity to grow spiritually, morally, intellectually, and physically in a structured environment.” The success and sweet sincerity of this mission is apparant when testimonials as posted below, reach us. Seth is a cadet at St. John’s Military School for boys. He attended the Shiloh Ranch Camp where is is obvious that Seth has experienced the great impact of the ranch. St. John’s is very proud of Seth, and how he is taking the unfortunate loss in his life, and making something positive and impacting for someone or in this case, a horse. We cannot express the gratitude knowing that cadets from SJMS are growing spiritually, and morally in their own environments when they aren’t present at school. SJMS is proud to be part of your journey Seth!