It is important that all educational institutions provide the latest technology tools to its students.  St. John’s Military School is very proud of the technology capability in the academic classroom as well as the technology access available throughout the campus. Students are provided technology course offerings in Computer Applications, Photography,
English, Art, and Industrial Arts courses.

We currently offer Chromebooks in all classrooms that require technology. Along with using Chromebooks, we utilize both Google’s online G-Suite software and email, and also Microsoft’s Online Office 365. This allows access to word processors, spreadsheets, and email all across campus online. Instructors use both GoGuardian and Google Classroom to tie in their lessons online for students. GoGuardian also allows Instructors to filter and control content that a cadet may be attempting to access online.

SJMS offer’s multipoint machines in the Barracks, the multipoint machines give cadets the ability to access the Internet, cloud based homework, offers them the ability to do homework even if they may not physically own a computer.

We also utilize both projectors and Televisions in each classroom. This allows the Teacher the ability to share their computer screen with cadets. In some classrooms the Instructor has the ability to share their Chromebook screen on each individual cadets chromebook screen.
The SJMS Computer Lab offers Chromebase’s which offer the Google Chrome operating system, and is an all and one machine.

Classroom printers are all cloud based printers, giving teachers and cadets the ability to print from their chromebook over WiFi.