Tuition / Financial Aid

Full School Year Tuition and Standard Fees

Tuition for the full academic year includes: Classroom instruction by Kansas certified teachers, full use of school library, computer access during the school day, tutorial sessions as deemed necessary, and study hall monitored by Kansas certified teachers. Tuition fees also cover the cost of applicable testing, i.e. Measures of Academic Progress (MAP), through Northwest Evaluation Association and Kansas Assessments. Travel to medical and health care appointments.
Room & Board for the full academic year includes: Room accommodations (usually a 2-man room) and meal
Miscellaneous Fees: Haircuts, dry cleaning, laundry, health fee, connectivity fee, technology fee, activity fee, intramural/sports fee, scheduled UA tests, textbooks and work books, and non-project specific class fees for Art, Photography, and Industrial Arts.
Full Uniform Issue (See uniform list for current school year). First year cadets must purchase the full uniform issue
Personal Effects Items may be purchased by parent/guardian and brought from home or may be purchased from the school. (The cost of items purchased from the school will be reflected on your first monthly billing statement. Should all the personal items be purchased from the school, the total amount billed will be $300.)

A non-refundable application fee of $100.00 is due with application. This fee is separate from Tuition and Standard Fees charged in the contract. Upon acceptance a $1,500 non-refundable deposit is due with the contract to secure an enrollment position. The deposit will be deducted from the balance due on the contract.

Uniforms are a one time cost and are not an annual fee. There are different scholarships and financial aid opportunities that are available (see below) to assist with those costs.

“It was a sacrifice. I could have done other things with the money, but it was worth it. I would be making a much bigger investment now in just trying to keep Ryan on track. It gave him the tools, direction, and self-confidence that he needed to really get out there and succeed.”

-Laura Kenny (single mother of five), Read Full Story Here

Scholarship & Financial Aid

We recognize the significant commitment that parents make to allow their sons to attend St. John’s. Through the generosity of many St, John’s Patrons, there are some funds provided for scholarships and admissions grants that are primarily awarded to returning cadets based on their academic and personal performance. There are, however, some funds available for “deserving“ new cadets who demonstrate a financial need. A required ADMISSIONS APPLICATION as well as a FACTS GRANT & AID ASSESSMENT will assist us in determining how, and if, we can be of assistance.

Contact an admissions counselor with any questions or needed assistance.

St. John’s Military School is proud to offer tuition assistance through the NewDay USA Foundation Scholarship for veteran and military families whose children wish to attend our school. For complete eligibility requirements and to apply now, please click the button below.

NewDay Scholarship Application
If a payment plan with longer terms and lower monthly payment is desired, St. John’s Military School works with the following 3rd party lending institutions from which you may seek a tuition loan.

Step 1: Apply for Enrollment
Prior to applying for a tuition loan, an “Application for Enrollment” should first be submitted to the St. John’s Admissions department.
Acceptance to school is a prerequisite for most loan applications.

Step 2: Apply for Tuition Loan
Once your son has been accepted to St. John’s, an Admissions Administrative Assistant can help you through this process. There are many nuances to applying for a tuition loan, we will help you every step of the way.

FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment
Your Tuition Solution
SLM Financial (A Sallie Mae Company)
• Prosper

Any question regarding financing or payment plans, contact Robert Forde, Domestic Admissions Director.

Children or grandchildren of Old Boys are eligible for the Legacy Deduction. Please contact your admission counselor for more information.


High school graduates earn
more than high school dropouts.*
College graduates earn
more than high school dropouts.*
of St. John’s graduates are accepted into institutions of higher learning.*

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