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My son attends St John’s Military School in Salina, Kansas. This school has saved my son’s life and opened for him doors that he might never have had open for him. St John’s gave him the base on which he was able to realize his true ability. It increased his self confidence and self worth. The faculty and staff have been outstanding. It is truly evident that they all care about these boys. He has been exposed to an atmosphere that instills courage, discipline and self worth. The boys support each other and encourage each other to do their best. This was one of the most difficult decisions that my husband and I have ever had to make, but I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. My only regret is not sending him sooner. Submitted by a parent
St. John’s Military School has proven to be anything they advertise and more. My son has lost direction and school performance was not just low, his grades were digging new depths. I knew he needed a change from public school to learn structure and responsibility. My son entered St. John’s rebelling against most things in the world and wanted to things his way. He soon discovered it is necessary to comply with rules and was given the attention in classroom to increase his learning skills. Of course, like most boys he called after three weeks of new boy training wanting to come home. After he graduated to Old Boy the mood changed. He also discovered being an Old Boy was tougher than being a New Boy with added responsibilities and increased expectations. St. John’s clearly sets performance expectations and provides assistance for them to accomplish those goals. The staff at St. John’s ensures each boy’s safety, successful and well-being. They provide training about life that is not available in public schools and always keep parents informed of your son’s progress. After he graduates from St. John’s you will know you helped him be successful in school and life.Submitted by a parent
My son graduated from SJMS in 2011. He struggled in the public high school and transferred to St. John’s. Besides academics, he lacked organization, honesty and other important characteristics that are important in life. He is currently in his second year of college and doing well. I will say he had a rough first year at SJMS, because it was so different. He is still in touch with former cadets and his teachers. He ended up having a really good h.s. experience and will hopefully continue modeling the values he learned at St. John’s.Submitted by a parent
During a very troubled time, our extended family searched for a place to help our son. St. John’s Military School (Salina, Kansas) asked, Did you ask him if he wants to change his life? We asked and he said, Yes. He attended summer camp and his junior year at St. John’s. The results are demonstrated positive leadership, discipline, teamwork, self-reliance, personal growth, spiritual development, and brotherhood. Because of this excellent positive growth, we decided to have our son graduate from St. John’s Military School as part of the 125th Corps. If you find yourself with a son who needs a structured environment to help him grow, we highly recommend St. John’s Military School – our school of choice. Submitted by a parent

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